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1.8 What is Liquid UI for Android and how can I buy it?

Liquid UI for Android is a reimagination of SAP GUI, built with touch and mobility in mind. Liquid UI provides the same SAP native screens on Android that you would find on SAP GUI desktop. With Liquid UI, you can also simplify transaction screens by aggregating multiple screens, tabs and transactions; converting input fields into single press graphical buttons; table controls; camera integration for barcode scanning; email for SAP workflow integration; native support for sleds, all while leveraging gestures such as flicks, swipes, and zoom.

Note: Without a valid license, you are restricted to one additional SAP connection and 150 packets limit between the app and server.

You can buy Liquid UI for Android App using one of the three options,

  1. Subscription base, In-App Purchase and purchase through Google Play store which gives you Client License
  2. Subscription base, Purchase through Liquid UI Management Portal which gives you Enterprise License
  3. Purchase through Liquid UI Sales, recommended for bulk licenses at discounted price

Learn more about client and enterprise license.

1. Purchase through In-App

The Liquid UI for Android requires a valid license on the device itself in order to function and then this license will be installed on the device. If Liquid UI does not find a valid license, it will function for only a few screens - typically one to five screens - before installing a valid license.

You must install a valid license in order to continue using the client. To purchase a Liquid UI Client license on Android, please do the following;

  1. Launch Liquid UI and view the limited number of server connections and screens allowed by the non-licensed version.The following message will appear, prompting you to make a selection to obtain client license. Select the Purchase through In-App in order to buy the license.
  2. Select and Click the BUY License button according to our required license period.
  3. You are navigated to various payment methods to buy the license.Select one of the following methods:
    • Add credit or debit card
    • Add Netbanking
    • Redeem code
  4. Select any payment option, and enter the card details and click ok.
    Then, you will get the message, stating that the license has been Purchased successfully. Our Licensing team will get in touch with you for further license assistance.

To buy the app through Liquid UI Management Portal or Liquid UI Sales, please send us an email at