GuiXT Customer Video Clip - REXAM

The new Rexam Beverage Can Americas Sector consists of the former organization of the American National Can (ANC) in the Americas, which is responsible for manufacturing and marketing beverage can and end sales in North America and South America. The sector headquarter is in Chicago, Illinois. There are 2,500 employees and 23 plants (including two joint ventures).

Rexam is one of the world's top five consumer packaging groups and the world's No 1 beverage can maker. Its global operations focuses on packaging solutions for the beauty, health care, beverage and food industries around the world. In all, the Rexam Group employs some 25,000 people in 35 countries worldwide, and in 1999 had a turnover of around $4,542 million.

Video Key Points

  • Multi-transaction business processes. Several of Rexam’s business processes spans through multi-transactions. For example, closing a work order requires the user to create a confirmation, update notification and work order with data such as completed time and then complete the notification and work order. Streamlining these processes significantly reduces training and support, improving data integrity and productivity.
  • Complicated and multiple screens/tabs.Complicated and multi-screen transactions meant that more training was required to train users to navigate between those screens (tabs).
  • SAP screens peppered with inconsequential fields and buttons.Rexam needed to hide fields, buttons in the toolbar and change the drop down into pushbuttons.
  • Imprecise terminology.Industry terminology needed to be used so that the user can better relate to the terms being used.