Make Using SAP Intuitive with GuiXT Cyndi Wolf
Polk County Public Schools

Polk County Public Schools discovered that while some users of their SAP system easily learned to navigate and use SAP, other users found this technology an insurmountable challenge.  This session will explain how GuiXT by Synactive was used to provide simplified and intuitive screens for school cafeteria managers. The District also used GuiXT to create user-friendly screens on a touch-screen monitor for a point-of-sale solution at two technical schools for processing sales of tuition, books, and supplies to students.

Video Key Points

  • Some casual, non-technical users of SAP will never be comfortable using SAP transactions the way they are delivered.
  • How Polk County Public Schools used GuiXT to provide simple and intuitive screens for their school cafeteria managers.
  • How Polk County Public Schools used GuiXT to build a point-of-sale solution utilizing touch-screen monitors and combined transactions for ease-of-use.