Hampel Oil

Hampel Oil Distributors Used GuiXT to Simplify OGSD Data Collation for Fuel Distribution

The presentation, Simplifying OGSD Data Collation for Fuel Distribution, will share Hampel Oil's trial and error process of getting to a final solution. Lesson one: Understand how GuiXT and IA scripts work. Lesson two: Test, test, and test again. Make sure you cover all the bases. Lesson three: Combining ABAP with GuiXT scripts.

In order to expedite the billing process, Hampel Oil Distributors used GuiXT to combine three screens in their data collation report entry. Hampel Oil combined the details, external details, and quantity conversion details for each line onto one screen. In addition, and with the use of a function module, they were able to display the price. This allowed Hampel Oil to simply post the document when they were finished, rather than having to step through the background process to verify the pricing. By implementing these changes, Hampel Oil Distributors was able to cut the time spent doing billing in half.