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Synactive Moves Toward All-Inclusive Suites that Deliver more Value for their GuiXT Customers

GuiXT Products and Support Provide Efficiency, Automation, Flexibility, and Cost Savings.

FOSTER CITY, CA - November 5, 2008

Synactive, Inc., a leading developer of optimization and productivity solutions for SAP (NYSE: SAP), today announced new offerings that will extend its leadership in ERP solutions that help customers speed up the Return on Investment (ROI) on SAP business applications. Synactive is now offering their GuiXT based software solutions in the form of suite packages. By combining the right set of components into a suite, SAP customers can now resolve a host of interface challenges no matter how their SAP ERP is being delivered. This new arrangement will now give SAP customers more value with a lower total cost of integration and total cost of ownership. The GuiXT suites will allow companies to leverage SAP solutions and reduce IT related costs while increasing business process efficiencies.

GuiXT is a technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. GuiXT is integrated with the SAP GUI environment, which enables customers to tailor SAP transaction screens to the narrower requirements of specific jobs within the organization while leaving essential SAP coding untouched. Although SAP is a very powerful ERP system, the "do-everything" SAP transactions can be overwhelming for the majority of users. This creates confusion and frustration that ultimately leads to business consequences. SAP interface complexity and navigation challenges impede an organization's ability to obtain an accurate timing on their ROI when implementing or upgrading their SAP software. All the comprehensive suites are based on the GuiXT technology.

GuiXT Desktop Suite (for SAP GUI): By automating your SAP transactions with GuiXT Desktop Suite, you can maximize business value from your ERP system, resolve countless productivity challenges associated with operational training, data integrity issues, user errors and omissions; and realize a faster ROI.

GuiXT WEB UI Suite: The WEB UI Suite provides SAP teams with one solution that can be used across multiple SAP applications - ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, and PLM - in order to build a customized WEB GUI environment for their user base.

GuiXT Mobile Suite: Would you like to empower your mobile workforce with SAP? GuiXT Mobile Suite can deliver SAP transactions to mobile users in real time so there's never any downtime.

GuiXT Offline Suite: No network connectivity? No Problem. With this suite your organization will have a distinct advantage because no longer will they worry about spotty network connectivity or VPN access.

GuiXT Developer Suite: This suite is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to create fast, easy, and flexible changes to the SAP interface. Moreover, it reduces your dependency on dedicated resources that rely on ABAP or Java code changes.

Supporting Quote

"SAP customers are always looking to realize more benefits from their investment. The combination of our solutions and services close that final gap for maximum productivity by making SAP both easier-to-use and more efficient at the end-user level." said Ramesh Kumar, VP of Product Management for Synactive, Inc. "Our exciting suites based offering enables an all-inclusive set of benefits that drive that final mile for business performance optimization within customers' SAP environment."

About Synactive, Inc.

Synactive, Inc.Synactive, Inc. has been setting the standard in end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP solutions. As a member of the SAP Complementary Software Program, GuiXT software comes bundled with all SAPGUI installations - 4.6b to 7.0. Synactive develops its components in close cooperation with SAP and is included within the greater SAP’s vision of SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP PLM, Portals and IS solutions.

Synactive, Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Foster City, CA, with a presence in EMEA through Synactive GmbH. Synactive has established industry specific alliances with leading corporations in the Automotive, Discrete Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Utilities, Retail, Aerospace & Defense, High Tech, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical industries across the world. Additional information about Synactive is available at www.guixt.com.

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