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City of Edmonton selects Synactive GuiXT to improve systems for park maintenance and fleet management

Foster City, Calif. – September 20, 2006: Synactive, Inc., a leading provider of customized solutions for SAP (NYSE: SAP), today announced it will provide The City of Edmonton with software and services to improve its park maintenance and fleet management systems.

“We were looking to simplify the interface for our users,” said Sharon Wright, Edmonton’s director of business systems support. “Our maintenance people were having problems with the current user interface. We were receiving a lot of complaints about the difficulty in using our existing system.”

Synactive’s GuiXT solution will streamline the City of Edmonton’s maintenance order process in R/3 resulting in a custom, simplified easy-to-use order entry interface. Wright cited ease-of-use and increased productivity as the primary factors in the decision to deploy GuiXT. With this new rollout, 1500 employees in Edmonton can anticipate a reduction of up to 70% in the time taken to enter work orders and maintenance requests once the new GuiXT interface is deployed.

“We’re pleased to offer the City of Edmonton a solution that will increase productivity in the areas of maintenance and fleet management,” said Thomas Ewe, Synactive CEO. “This project comes as the result of an earlier successful GuiXT deployment for the city.”

The City of Edmonton operates and maintains more than 250 parks, over 2,500 city vehicles and currently has around 2,500 employees on its SAP system.

“We had already had a good experience with our first GuiXT roll-out,“ said Wright.

GuiXT comes bundled in SAP 4.6b and above. This embedded version was used to develop a customized solution for, of all places, the city cemetery in Edmonton. A custom interface was developed to assist plot sales and cemetery maintenance. The success of this first GuiXT deployment resulted in the current program to improve the city park and fleet maintenance programs.

About Synactive, Inc.

Synactive provides solutions to simplify and customize SAP applications. As a member of the SAP Complementary Software Program, GuiXT software comes bundled with all SAPGUI installations - 4.6b and above. Synactive develops components in cooperation with SAP and is included within the greater SAP’s vision of mySAP, and mySAP ERP.

Synactive has offices in Foster City, CA and Buettleborn, Germany, with customers worldwide in automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, aerospace, high-technology, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals. Additional information is available at www.guixt.com.

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