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Synactive Introduces Load-Balanced GuiXT Server to Simplify and Accelerate Deployment of the GuiXT Solution

Burlingame, CA (11/14/03) -- Synactive announced new capabilities in GuiXT Server 2.x to help companies reduce deployment cost, infrastructure requirements, training and support. This is accomplished by enabling a system-wide GuiXT deployment without the need to configure and manage individual clients. The new server supports Radio Frequency (RF) and handheld devices and provides load balancing capabilities through the native SAP R/3 Message Protocol.

The GuiXT Server 2.x provides a singular, central deployment and management of the GuiXT runtime. Simplified screens and streamlined processes developed in GuiXT can now be seamlessly deployed without configuring each individual SAPGUI. With GuiXT Server, end users are able to gain GuiXT benefits by simply configuring the SAPROUTER string in the server properties box in SAPGUI to point to the GuiXT Server.

The GuiXT Server 2.x includes support for Radio Frequency (RF) and handheld devices, allowing companies to leverage on SAPConsole and combine processes without developing custom ABAP codes. Unlike Middleware, or the expensive rewriting of Radio Frequency (RF) transactions in ABAP, GuiXT Server uses existing functionality in R/3 and simplifies the R/3 transactions to display and run on the users’ existing RF or handheld devices.

The GuiXT Server 2.x has complete load balancing support operating on native SAP R/3 message server protocol. It does this through R/3 message server to access the least loaded R/3 application server or through load balancing among GuiXT Servers. The access to the load-balanced GuiXT Server uses standard SAPGUI and SAPConsole configuration. Utilizing the load balancing capability of the GuiXT Server provides scalability to accommodate the growing traffic demand of your SAPGUI and SAPConsole users. It reduces a single point of failure while increasing availability and performance by distributing the load.

"There is a tremendous push for companies to make SAP more effective and efficient to use and accessible to a wider range of user interfaces", comments Thomas Ewe, CEO of Synactive. "With GuiXT Server, companies can do exactly that by lowering the barrier of entry into GuiXT and leveraging on existing technologies", he adds.

Customer Success

Bayer, a subsidiary of chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG, has deployed GuiXT Server 2.x to efficiently support and enable their Plant Maintenance and Logistics users to use the simplified screens. GuiXT Server 2.x provides a greater level of independence in terms of administrative control; it enables them to get more value from their existing IT investment.

About Synactive, Inc.

Synactive, Inc. enables clients to activate, accelerate, and achieve significant business results across the enterprise with Synactive Desktop, Web, Mobile, Offline, Developer, and Access solutions for SAP ERP. As an SAP software solution partner in the SAP PartnerEdge™ program, GuiXT software comes pre-packaged with installations of the SAP GUI—4.6b to 7.0.

Synactive is a privately held software company headquartered in Foster City, Calif. with a presence in EMEA through Synactive GmbH. Synactive has established industry-specific alliances with leading organizations in aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer products, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, and utilities industries around the world. Please visit us at www.guixt.com for more information about GuiXT Access or any of our other solution suites.

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