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Welcome to SAP customization without rebuilding, designed for rapid simplification.

Liquid UI enables you to simplify business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.

For Managers:

Wouldn’t it be great if you have all relevant information in one view? What if, you could get an instant sales report or plant equipment performance? How about if your users have real-time access to all work orders, notifications, quotations, customers information or other related tasks on the go? With Liquid UI, you can meet these SAP customization needs and more.


For Business Users:

See higher profits with better responsiveness through aggregated transactions. Uncover cost savings through streamlined, customized, and simplified processes. Avoid unplanned expenses or downtime due to data errors by adding field validations or hiding unused fields. Get process versatility to react to changing business requirements. With Liquid UI, you can meet these SAP customization challenges and more.


For Developers:

Quick wins like hiding unused fields for simplifying screens, creating pushbuttons for one-click navigation, converting F4 options into radio buttons for improved usability, displaying custom messages for minimizing data entry errors and more can be done in a day. Furthermore, you can combine multiple screens, tabs, and transactions or create personalized launchpads or add field validation, use customized barcodes or even perform various transactions right from the dashboard. In short, get everything you need to start SAP customization today.


Questions? How can we help you?

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