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Our customers range from small, independently owned firms to global powerhouses. They are very important to us and are our biggest motivators. We have been helping companies run their SAP solutions better. We provide tools and user friendly SAP business applications that enable greater efficiency, precision, productivity, and overall business success.

Success Stories

Our goal is to make our customers successful. Our customers use GuiXT Liquid UI in various ways to realize their SAP needs - the one common denominator is the success they achieve. The warranty process alone returned $4.3 million over the last 6 years. The training time needed to train each individual was reduced by 88%. Reduced processing time achieved annual savings of $1.4 million. Manual data entry time was reduced by 84% with an annual savings of over $100K. Reading is believing. Find out how GuiXT Liquid UI is transforming the way global industry leading companies use SAP.

Featured Success Story

Polk County Public Schools reduces costly user errors by 95%


The simplified GuiXT deployments reduced the time it takes to complete a transaction from nearly 10 minutes to approximately one minute.
Errors were decreased by 95%.

'Before GuiXT our Help Desk staff spent countless hours on training and phone support with users trying to create stock transfer orders using native SAP.'

-Cyndi Wolf, Polk County Public Schools

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Shell improves data entry process and accuracy of data


Improved operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks
Minimized the key strokes it took to complete various SAP transactions and functions
Improved the data entry process and accuracy of data

'If we had implemented GuiXT in 1998, it would have saved us millions in training'

-John LeBas, Logistics Manager, Shell

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Siemens sees 84% improvement in productivity by optimizing SAP


Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Clicks/ ScreensTimeClicks/ ScreensTime
Project Setup 42/14 20 1/1 3
Book Project 34/15 30 1/1 5
POC Level (End of Execution) 70/38 8 1/1 2
Project Level (End of Warranty) 38/25 5 2/1 3

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Tyson Foods saves over millions of dollars by streamlining their warranty process


The warranty process alone returned $4.3 million over the last 6 years
Over $75,000 savings in decommissioning the Vehicle Legacy System

'As long as the wheels are turning, the Fleets are making money for us. GuiXT and SAP ensured we were getting the proper maintenance on the proper equipment at the proper time which far exceeds any hard dollar savings we gained'

-Marcus Mullins, Tyson

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Marathon Oil leverages GuiXT for PM, MM, Planning and Scheduling Operations.


Using the GuiXT tools, Marathon Oil was able to reach its goal and when the initial rollout took place, it only took 30 minutes for the Lead Operators to learn to input notifications.

'With GuiXT, we were able to accumulate more data to create the reports we needed to meet our reliability goals'

-Jason Moore, Business Analyst, Marathon Oil

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What Our Customers Say

Liquid UI provides a multi-touchpoint framework and development environment that enables a single version of an SAP ERP application to be customized for different needs. From sales and distribution to product lifecycle management to inventory control, Synactive provides tools, products and end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP applications. Building on the solid foundation of SAP ERP, Liquid UI offers a sleek user interface that presents only the most relevant information to each user.

Enterprises of all sizes and across various industries use GuiXT Liquid UI to achieve their business goals - in ways as unique as they are.

Read quotes about GuiXT Liquid UI

"We wouldn't be live on SAP if it weren't for GuiXT!"
Bill Immer, VP Information Systems
"I´ve never been so excited about software in my life"
Kathy Lynch, Applications Analyst
"If we had implemented GuiXT in 1998, it would have saved us millions in training."
John LeBas, Logistics Manager
"Shop Floor transactions are as easy to use as an ATM"
Steve Foster, Director of Total Production Maintenance
"We were able to complete our development in a week. It would have taken months using conventional methods. "
Bill Grimwood, SAP Project Manager
"In Service & Repair, time is money and mistakes are costly - GuiXT saves both!"
Janice Crook, Supply Chain Sr. Specialist
"The changes to project close have been helpful,(a pilot of the program). It just takes a click of a button to TECO a project, so it's a lot easier. I wouldn't want to go back to the old manual way; instead of 30 to 40 mouse clicks, now you just click once."
Project Coordinator
"GuiXT has been able to save us several minutes or more on each phone call, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a decreased abandoned rate."
Karen Hall, Manager SAP Sales & Service/CRM
"By selecting Synactive's GuiXT Offline, we enable our users with the ability to access SAP information from anywhere and at anytime."
Paresh Bhagwatkar, Independent Chemicals Professional
"Why chose GuiXT: SAP has a user interface that is too complicated: 'a user interface only a mother could love'"
Don Chamberlain, IT Manager
"Synactive's support is second to none. The level of customer service and customer support sets Synactive apart from it's competitors. They went well beyond what I was expecting."
Tim Busch, SAP Specialist / Business System Analyst
"Synactive should try to sell into companies during the implementation stage rather than later; why wait to suffer the pain before looking at GuiXT; helps customers avoid the pain"
Rowland Kwayi, Operations System Manager
"Because we have a very self-directed workforce, we will continue to develop our GuiXT functionality to meet our end user needs. We see new opportunities for its deployment not only within the PM module but in other modules as well."
Gerry Trodd, Analyst - IT Manufacturing
"What are the benefits of GuiXT? Terminology blockage in SAP terms; GuiXT provides an easier way to make changes and filter out unwanted fields on screen. Also, it requires low overhead to purchase and it's very intuitive. Overall, it's a very powerful tool!"
Mark Damien, PM Project Leader
"Synactive is a solid company to work with. We will be using them again as we roll out more functionality in our warehouse and manufacturing floor."
Jeff Bronk
"We can now rapidly roll-out additional functionality using GuiXT Web UI without having to develop our own complicated iViews."
Drew Doyle, Consultant
"The GuiXT tool can be used to create a win-win: Companies benefit from reduced errors and improved operations, while users waste less time and experience less frustrations in their daily tasks. These reasons alone provide a compelling case for giving these often over-looked solutions a second glance."
Henri Liu, Senior Consultant
"Without GuXT, the only options available to us were extensive ABAP coding, or to let users go through extensive training and re-training with standard SAP. By using GuiXT and Input Assistant, we were able to combine screens and transactions, cutting the purchase requisition creation time in half, from 8 minutes to 4 minutes. Overall, by using GuiXT, we are saving an annual amount of over $100K."
Matt Cook, Director, Global Business Systems
"While creating permits is still "not a fast process", the GuiXT cut out quite a bit of steps and checks with the 'buttons' that were created and made it quicker to get thru to the final product"
Angela Ambrosio
"If I had known what this would do, I would have prioritized this (GuiXT) a year earlier. This just made a dramatic change for our department. Faster data entry, more accurate data, follow business processes and capture all data, Happier Staff! [GuiXT] saves the HR department 5 hours a week during regular staffing times."
Joy Smith - Business Analyst, Project Manager
"SAP World in your hands"
Enrique del Campo, Project Manager
"Liquid UI keeps your SAP workforce fluid!"
William Thomas, Associate Director IM
"Liquid UI is a "game changer" in terms of streamlining SAP and providing users the screens that they "want" versus screens they are forced to see with SAPGUI!"
Craig Bence, VP/CIO
"A product that will make your users happier"
Hugo Cerda, ERP Business Process Manager